Mini Grants

BCEF $100,000 donation
BCEF $100,000 donation

The Mini Grant Program funds educational projects/tools for our 21 schools. Last school year, the BCEF funded $85,000 in mini grant requests from our schools.  Mini Grants have included computers, netbooks, Apple iPads,  projectors, Smart Boards and Promethean Boards, document cameras, scientific and math calculators, supplemental classroom materials, science lab equipment, art and music educational materials and much more.
If you are a BCS teacher, be sure to take advantage of the mini-grant program this year. Simply fill out the mini-grant application, obtain your principal’s signature, and submit the application to the BCEF.

Eagleton Middle

Application Deadline:

Mini grant applications must be received by the BCEF by no later than August 31st each year. All applications are to be submitted to the school’s principal for approval prior to submitting to BCEF.

Funding Limitations

Grants will be approved for educational projects only. Principals have been provided the maximum allocation for their school and will approve mini grant applications based upon the funds available. The full amount may be requested for one project or several smaller grants may be submitted for a number of smaller projects. Any funds not used for the approved project must be returned to the Blount County Education Foundation. A final report must be submitted by the end of the following academic year detailing use of the funds as well as a statement from the applicant regarding the impact the grant made on a student or group of students. The BCEF will provide a form for this report. The BCEF may request further information the following year if the project was anticipated to impact TCAP scores. Although the following items are important to individual schools, at this time they will not be considered for grant funding: landscaping, playground equipment, facility maintenance, travel, lodging, speaker fees, contributions and donations. Mini-grant monies may be used to purchase materials and supplies necessary for the successful completion of an approved mini-grant project. However, our intent is not to solely fund materials and supplies without an effective or innovative educational project with measurable results.

Eagleton Elementary

Application Process

Submit the application form, a project budget, and any supporting documents to your school principal. Your principal will determine whether the application will be submitted to the BCEF for consideration. A grant application may be submitted by the principal at any point during the academic year for consideration. Please keep a copy for your files. You will be notified by letter regarding the status of your request. If funded, the check will be sent to your principal along with a letter specifying the purpose of the funding.

Contact the BCEF if you have questions about the mini grant application process.
Click HERE to download the Mini Grant Form
Email your completed Mini Grant Form to

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