Success Begins with a Great Foundation

Grant Application

General Project Information

Project Description Describe the project. What do you propose to do?
  • Describe why this project is important.
  • Which population will this project affect (i.e., special populations, mainstream/general population, etc.)
  • How will you measure the impact of this project?

Please list each item that will be purchased for the project. While funding from other sources is not required, please identify any other funding you anticipate using for this project.

Specific Item Funding from Another Source Funding Requested from BCEF Total Item Cost
Total Funding from other sources Total Funding requested from BCEF Total Project Budget

If you are requesting funds from other sources other than the Blount County Education Foundation, please identify the other sources:
Dissemination of Data

A major goal of the BCEF is to raise funds to address the educational needs of students in the Blount County School System. Our success depends greatly upon community awareness of our support of projects such as mini-grants.

Do you agree to involve the BCEF in all publicity for your project?

How do you plan to report what has been accomplished to students, teachers, parents and others?

Miscellaneous Information

Please provide us with any other information that has not been requested in this application that will promote a better understanding of your proposed project.