What is the Blount County Education Foundation?

The BCEF, founded in 1990, is a nonprofit organization that is governed by a diverse volunteer Board of Directors including retired teachers, parents, business leaders, community volunteers, and school system leadership. The mission of the BCEF is to enhance excellence in education for more than 12,000 students of the Blount County Schools system.

Why do you need my support?

Our students deserve an education that will prepare them to compete in today’s global market. The long-term success of students and the community relies on our willingness to invest in education.

What do you do with donations?

Your donations provide mini-grants for innovative educational programs such as language arts, science, technology and math. They fund T-CAP tests for second grade students so educators can better plan their 3rd grade year. They provide tutors for at-risk students during after-school programs. Donations fund TCAP and Gateway preparation. And donations help needy students and classrooms with basic supplies such as paper, pencils and backpacks.

Is the BCEF part of the Blount County Schools?

No. The BCEF is a stand-alone non-profit organization. We work closely with the school system to identify and understand educational needs, but operate under our own guidelines and mission. We communicate regularly with teachers and principals. The Director of Schools, one School Board member and a system administrator are non-voting members of our Board.

Is the BCEF affiliated with any political organizations or individuals?

No.  The BCEF is, as a matter of policy, a non-political organization. This means that we do not become involved in issues such as political elections, school board issues, or teachers contracts.

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